We bring the blooms.
You create.

Create your own designs with fresh-cut, local blooms.


Hi, my name is Katie Lila, I seek and gather flowers and people, of the vibrant variety- with stories to tell. Flowers For People is a hands on work space for the everyday kind of person.

have us at your event

Flowers for People offers two options.



Get up-close and personal with fresh cut, local blooms! 300$ minimum to book an event


Traveling Posy Bar

You choose flowers from buckets full of local blooms, we’ll help you craft a unique bouquet, wrapped in paper and tied with vibrant strips of vintage fabrics

Guests can be gifted bouquet tickets to redeem at the Posy Bar for private events.


Flower Gatherings

Flower Gatherings are a more intimate experience, tailored to your event. We’ll help you pick your blooms then your design: bouquet, low centerpiece, flowering pot, wearable flowers...whatever you can dream up!
A simple tutorial will start out the gathering then we will guide you as you create some flower art. Individual supplies will be provided for each person.

This is a great addition to a birthday party, shower etc.